Volume one of our renewal series is a hotel conversion located at 258 Burnell Street.

258 Burnell Street was originally home to the Canada Bread Company built in 1912, who boasted “fourteen ovens that could bake four-hundred loaves an hour“. The original site included a stable building (now demolished) for the teams of horses that delivered bread. With its remaining stately proportions and solid stoic structure we can’t help but feel that the spirit of the building embraces a sense of sanctuary nicely lending itself to its repurposing as residences.

Within this study, we will enthusiastically endeavor to bring a seamless refinement and ennobled lifestyle by meticulously considering every angle and proportional detail with a mature understanding of understated elegance, the prerequisite of a discerning modern lifestyle.

Please join us in our journey to transcend time and trends as we attempt to take from the best of each era and combine it with modern design aesthetic and construction methods.

Watch for future updates!