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Arccadd Architecture Inc is pleased to introduce you to the Winnipeg Architecture Foundation.

“The Winnipeg Architecture Foundation (WAF) is a nonprofit, registered charitable organisation dedicated to advancing the awareness and appreciation of Winnipeg’s built environment through public education.”

Please visit their website to donate and shop. See how you can help them make a difference in our rich architectural community.


Hello world!

We are pleased to announce that Arccadd Architecture Inc. was registered with the Manitoba Association of Architects on August 2nd, 2013. As a young firm we are dedicated to making the very most of the many design opportunities in Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba. Feel free to stop in at our office at 109-340 Waterfront Drive to see the exciting things that we are working on. We are a new design firm but we are not new to this community and we would love to have a chance to work with you!