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It was over thirty years ago in the spring of 1987 that Murray Wilson first had the idea to start a company. Murray was one of the few in Winnipeg who first saw the potential of computers in reducing the drudgery of producing architectural drawings.

Early drafting software was rudimentary, the computers were unreliable, and plotters the weakest link in the process. For a determined entrepreneur though, these challenges were merely stepping stones in the development of what he saw as the future of architectural drafting.

Murray wanted to imbue the new company name with the two foundational elements at the core of his idea in order to set his company apart from traditional drafting firms, Architecture and Computer Aided Drafting and Design: ARC + CADD.

Logos had always fascinated Murray, who spent a great many hours sketching and working to develop the perfect brand identity. His earliest hand drawn sketches were created on a bumpy flight to Vancouver where he was headed to pitch his new venture to several colleagues in hopes of attracting new clients.

SKETCH logo (pre-1987)

One of the earliest identified issues with the written logo was a tendency on the part of clients and vendors addressing the company, to change the plus symbol to an ampersand. Even the MTS Yellow Pages, an integral part of marketing at the time, completely omitted the plus symbol in the company’s first year of paid listing.

first logo (1987-1995)


Furthermore, it was Murray’s desire to have the spoken name pronounced “arcad”, but with the written name “ARC+CADD”, the natural inclination was for clients to pronounce the plus symbol. Succumbing to the whims of society, eventually Murray gave up the ‘+’, settling on ArcCadd.

second logo (1996-1999)

The bicapitalization of the name “ArcCadd” was initially a difficult concept for typists, but eventually familiarity grew and people simply said or typed “ArcCadd”. At the turn of the millennium, Murray decided it was time for a brand refresh and commissioned his daughter, a freelance graphic designer, to develop a new logo.

third logo (2000-2012)

“The two nested arcs are a graphic representation of the end of a roll of architectural drawings, something that, as a child, I recall was never far from [Murray’s] hands.” – Holly

The logo redesign also included all lowercase letters, making bicapitalization issues a thing of the past. In its place, Holly used two colours as a subtle nod to the two words that make up the original portmanteau.

This new logo also ushered arccadd into the dot-com era which meant that not only did clients know the name of the company, but they also knew how to find arccadd on the very young internet. MTS again revealed their outdated attitudes by refusing to allow “.com” to be printed in the name stating that “a phonebook listing could not be a website.”

In 2013, was purchased by Murray’s youngest, Paige Lloyd. Paige registered and licensed it as a full-service Architectural practice under the new banner ARCCADD Architecture Inc. This shift in name and business focus demanded a new identity. Paige commissioned Waterloo Design House to develop a complete overhaul of the brand and marketing materials.

fourth logo (2013-present)

Shannon presented several new logo concepts which included “small steps of evolution to giant leaps in direction”. The logo was chosen for its bold appearance as it commanded presence among the other provided options. It maintained the previous colours to reference the original two concepts of Architecture and Computer Aided Design which remain the foundational elements of the modern firm.

Corporate branding package (2013-present)

At ARCCADD Architecture Inc. we look upon our history as a rich legacy of experiences that serve as the driving force for where we are headed today. We see the evolution of our name and logo as a reflection of the changing industry in which we work and grow. We look forward to what the future brings!

“To think creatively, we must be able to look afresh at what we normally take for granted.” – George Kneller

We Are Ready to Ship Ground!

The Manitoba Trucking Association recently celebrated a ribbon cutting and dedication of their new office and training facility. We were honored to have worked with this client to expand their capabilities to serve the growing Manitoba trucking industry.

The standard shipping container, primarily used for intermodal freight transport is a quintessential symbol of the trucking industry. Therefore we designed it as an integral part of experiencing the Manitoba Trucking Association’s new facility. Serving as a gateway, the shipping container was painted MTA red in contrast with the main palette of grays that make up the balance of the façades.

The building boasts a large boardroom designed specifically for the association’s business meetings, open and closed executive sized offices, lounge space, smaller breakout meeting rooms, wide corridors with intuitive wayfinding, strategic support spaces and purpose-built intimate training rooms which open up into a larger seminar space.

Due to the dimensional size of the building, it was important to consider ways to draw natural light into the inner-most spaces. Structural glazed walls, doors and skylights were implemented throughout the facility to ensure occupant enjoyment.

The Manitoba Trucking Association is open to the public during regular business hours. We encourage you go and experience the new facility!




Elite Safety Services provides customized safety training and standby services throughout Western Canada. In the Fall of 2014 Excel Design and Construction approached ARCCADD Architecture Inc. to design a new facility for Elite Safety Services, who was rapidly outgrowing their existing building.

Elite Safety Services required a new 12,500 square foot facility to conduct their safety training programs and administrative functions. Some of the highlights include: a tower for fall arrest and rope access training, specialized rooms for drug/alcohol and fitness testing, large seminar spaces and a large break-out room.

The balance of the facility includes executive offices, a flexible open office area, a staff fitness room, a staff lunch room and a large reception area designed to accommodate circulation for both of the main program elements of the building.

Completed in June 2016, the new Elite Safety Services facility was one of the first in Manitoba to be certified under the new Manitoba Energy Code for Buildings.

Front entrance canopy detail:

Rope access demonstration in the new specially designed tower:

Fall protection training in the new large shop area:



The shipping container, front entrance feature has arrived on site at the Manitoba Trucking Association! Still in primer, this twenty two foot high sea can was designed to punctuate the front entrance, adding an element of verticality to the large one story volume:


A view from inside the shipping container before the structural glazing goes in:



Today we are celebrating our third birthday as a registered Architectural practice in Manitoba! And what better way to celebrate than with go karts and mini golf at Thunder Rapids!

IMG_1222 IMG_1235 cropped IMG_1234 cropped IMG_4609IMG_4486 IMG_4553 IMG_1218IMG_4599


The ARCCADD Architecture Inc. team members were given the challenge to build a model of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater out of LEGO. They were given sixty seconds with four inspiration images, then seven minutes to recreate the iconic home using only the LEGO from the LEGO Architecture Studio.

PicMonkey Collage1 PicMonkey Collage2

See the seamless transition between the interior and exterior spaces? Can’t you just feel the majesty of Bear Run as it meanders beneath the terraced house? Congrats to Julia for the winning build, as voted by the team!



This unseasonably mild Tuesday is begging for some beautiful residential trusses, wouldn’t you agree? Also a sneak peek of a custom home project. We are looking forward to featuring the finished product this coming spring.

clarke trusses sneak peak